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Expatriate Income Tax Return Service

With User Friendly Online Tax Questionnaire.

■ We value time of our clients, and highly respect their privacy. For tax data gatherings, our clients complete online questionnaire, so HR professionals do not need to mail traditional paper organizers to assignees. Each assignee log in to our secure website with unique User ID and Password, and their data will be encrypted in the industry highest standard for the transmission. Our tax questionnaire is designed for expatriates and international assignees, who tend to have much information to complete, but our online questionnaire automatically eliminates pages that are not related to them.

■ East Accounting uses state of the art tax software, which Big 4 accounting firms also use. Our tax calculations are accurate, and we try to save tax cost of our clients. We are very confident with our knowledge of foreign tax credits, foreign earned income exclusions, US-Japan tax treaty, residency elections, and many other international tax matters.

■ East Accounting has been IRS authorized e-file provider since 2003. We file clients’ tax return electronically, therefore, our clients can save their time and postage.

■ Our tax preparation service includes, responding to IRS notices, answering assignees questions, and supporting HR professionals for their assignees’ international tax issues.


Payroll Calculation and Processing

We design and customize payroll program for each client

■ We design payroll system for our clients based on their compensation structure and HR policy. Our staffs collaborate with major payroll service providers to customize the payroll database.

■ We provide accurate payroll tax calculations and timely filing of necessary forms to federal, state, and local agencies. Our clients outsource their payroll processing to East Accounting, and they are focusing on their core business. They provide payroll data to us, and we take care of the rest of required administrative works, including gross-up tax calculation, fringe benefit calculation, filing tax forms, depositing taxes to agencies, setting up for direct deposits, and other correspondences.

Global HR Consulting

We help implement a tax equalization (TEQ) policy.

■ TEQ policy is absolutely necessary for a company sending employees abroad to its subsidiary. If there is no good TEQ policy to cover foreign assignments and the tax related issues, the employee would note that his/her salary with effective purchasing power is depleted, in comparison to staying at home. Our tax team is very experienced for TEQ related consultations.

tax equalization

Expatriate from U.S. subsidiary to Japan Headquarter

■ Recently, there are more numbers of U.S. subsidiaries of Japanese corporations sending their employees to headquarter in Japan. The company needs to withhold a hypothetical tax from the assignee when the Japan assignment starts, and pay taxes on world-wide income. We provide consulting services and compliance for the expatriate income tax and payroll.

Expatriate from U.S. subsidiary to Japan

We represent our clients
East Accounting would represent clients on IRS tax audit, State tax audit, and payroll tax audits. We are experienced professionals who know how to handle the audits for the best result, and at the same time maintain a good rapport with the tax auditor.

We will find potential tax savings from your past tax return
East Accounting provides a service that we analyzes your tax return for potential and sometimes substantial tax savings with US-Japan Tax treaty, resident elections, and many other professional tax strategies. While searching for a tax savings, we diagnose it whether there is a risk of penalties associated with any tax violations on your return. If you would like to know more about tax savings, please contact us.
ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) application

We are IRS Acceptance Agent . East Accounting is authorized by IRS to assist individuals in obtaining ITIN. We help apply ITIN for your family .

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